There are so many lessons that one gets from training in wing chun, i thought i'd spend a brief moment just looking at some of the things that you might run into, in your journey to wing chun
1)  You will learn patience -  Its hard to say, that a single factor leads to this, coz you often wonder if age plays a factor as well.. .... but as obi wan said to Yoda,  "was i any different, he will learn patience" Even if you start off with none at all in wing chun, this is something you will definitely learn.  When i first started learning from Sifu fong, I'm glad he was able to tolerate my lack off it.... I wanted everything now, I'm sure my path is not so unique, but through studying, and especially teaching, not only have i learned patience in the art, but with all things...In the end, things come when your ready for it to happen.....
2)Mental muscle - this is a tough one in the sense, that, while you do develop a ton of mental muscle in training wing chun, hopefully you have enough to last in it to make it strong enough, before you end up like the statistic of many wing chun students that have quit... Often times i have stated, imagine playing monopoly, and every time and i mean every time your about to get to collect the 200 bucks and circle around, imagine, getting pulled back from the very beginning and starting at baltic avenue...Its not that your feelings in wing chun change from when you first started, its just that you learn to control the emotions so you don't end up doing the cymbalta ads
3) Love for the basics - You want to master it you want to be good, then you need to fall in love.. not with finishing the art, but your love for fundamentals and basics will take you so much further then constantly trying to keep asking for more, or wanting to spar.......  I recently started taking tennis lessons, and even with the instruction I'm getting... people want to just play the ball.. you can't serve, you hit the forehand at a 5% consistently rate, with incorrect motion, but you can see the joy of just playing the game,..... ugggggh, this is how people are..... you need to find out that the secret is the basics
4) The path to learning quick - its not repetition...... there are 2 simple ways to learn fast..... After doing something as simple as a punch and you hold that position... then definitely, know WHAT it feels likes afterwards correctly... that's step 1....what's the right way it should feel... step 2... know the FEEL of how to get to that point.... once you know that feel you can figure everything out.. if you don't know it, you can repeat for 10 to 15 years and you'll never get anywhere.... Trust me, i've seen my eye full of people who have been doing it for 10 to 20 years, and the motion is totally incorrect.......in development its not can you make it work, its did you do it correctly to make it work
5) you gotta to know how turn a group lesson into a private - Look, if i could have it my way, i'd take privates for every class....  but unfortunately, i haven't won mega million.... so when i started back in 2000 with sifu, i had to know how to turn group lessons into a private....Let's take past seminars... sifu show's a drill, and most people spend their time doing the drill... that's all fine and dandy.... but if your teacher is good, he's more then willing to expose more of the drill to you, if you ask, you have to know how to ask.....and dig deeper then just the level 1 of the drill... So, when your teacher ask a question, make sure the room doesn't turn into silence with crickets.... and the reality is most people.. won't ask questions or don't know how to.. so its your job to know how to dig
Here's a handfull of stuff that could lead you to a quick path. 
Written by Sifu Ed Cruz
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