CONGRATS, for clicking on the link.  WIth the new logo came a new slogan, and we finally decided upon -- dig deeper.  Its just so reprsentative of wing chun training, especially at wcwc.  this html link really isn’t to difficult to find, but yet at the same time i have told no one that i created this very detailed wing chun section.  and if by chance you figured it out, i’d suggest not to spread the word about this link as well.

why?  like life, people only scratch the surface of things.  Searching every where for more answers, when in reality, the answer is right underneath their nose, and the effort required to figure it out, isn’t really as difficult as they think it is.   yes, its very possible that i’ll continue to update this page with not a single person ever viewing it.

however within this link, i’ll be posting and udpating some of the most detailed discussion regarding wing chun that you’ll ever read.  I’ll offically start doing this at the start of 2012.  once again, just dig deeper, you’ll be suprised that the only limitations are from you alone.


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