to Windy City Wing Chun.  For some, this maybe your first venture into any kind of Martial Arts, And for others who have been searching, hopefully the journey ends here.  Regardless of your past , our goal is simple.......

We are searching for men and women who want to learn the art of Wing Chun Gung Fu.  Wing Chun is based on what is natural and what is common sense, and we only teach our style of Wing Chun Gung fu, and only that.  There are no belts, tournaments, or trophies and I would venture to say the training is difficult but the end result is beyond rewarding.  You are working on developing a skill that goes beyond the physical, can be applied to your everyday life, and which will lastyou a lifetime.

Who is Windy City Wing Chun Gung Fu?

A fellowship of three martial arts friends all of which trained in the art of Wing Chun Gung Fu under Master Augustine Fong. When we began, we took our 40+ years of combined experience in Martial Arts, and designed a school based on what we felt was the most effective route teaching as well as developing students learn the art. We saw all the things we didn't like From our past experience with schools and did away with them. 

Our goal, our passion, to teach those individuals who want to learn Wing Chun gung fu.

Where are we located?

We have 2 locations, 1 in Chicago near the intersection of Belmont and Damen, and the other in the northwest suburb.  For exact address, please email us or call.

What are the prices for classes and how long? 

CLASS LENGHT is 2 hours, and students are welcome to come and go anytime .  We always start on time, but  let the force guide us when we want to end.

All classes are set up in 3 month increments.  There are no binding contracts at wcwc.  Here are the following list of options

3-Month  Adult Payment PLan

$325 pays for unlimited attendance to all schedule classes for a 90-day period. After the set 90-day period, the student has the option to purchase another package to attend more classes.  The set dates from start to tfinish will be strictly enforced.  Also, first time students need to purchase a single school uniform.

in general, The average student usually comes twice a week (he or she could technically come more)  at a minimum that’s 24 classes in a 3 month span, which comes out to 13 bucks per class, and its two hours, so roughly its $6 per hour.  So for the price of a matinee movie, you’ll be more entertained then the majority of movies they show now a days.


$175 pays for unlimited attendance to all schedule classes for a 90-day period. After the set 90-day period, the student has the option to purchase another package to attend more classes.  The set dates from start to tfinish will be strictly enforced.  Also, first time students need to purchase a single school uniform.  STUDENTS are Defined as those actively attending school full or part time and under the age of 25.  Hey, we remember what it was like to coupon cut and eat ramen noodles daily. :)

referral discount
Students who help spread the word of the school, by referring individuals who then end up purchasing any 3 month packages offered by windy city wing chun, will receive a free month of classes.

Private classes
private classes involve a one on one session with the indvidual instructor of choice.  private classes cost $75 an hour.

When are classes at windy City




































MP= Mount Prospect



November 2013

Call uS @ 847-571-3060 or 847-800-9679 / Email us at   ken.wcwc@yahoo.com or hgamer@yahoo.com

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What are the class sizes?

Classes are very personal and small, on average your looking at 4 - 6 people on a good night.  we designed wcwc to remain this way, the goal is not to patent it, and package it, and slap our name on a plastic lunchbox, and now you’re selling it.   we are here to teach really good gung fu.

How long are classes and how often?

Classes are normally listed as 2 hours long and we update the schedule once a month.  A student normally has the opportunity to attend up to 3 and sometimes 4 classes a week at either the Chicago and Northwest surburb location.  bottom line, if you see it on the schedule and your free then you can attend the class. also, while we have a set time for classes, students are welcome to come as well as go at any point during the alloted time.  there is no need to report in if you can’t make it to class.

HOw are classes broken down between advance and beginner students?

Classes are mixed between both beginners and advance, and are geared depending on what the level of the student is for that particular class.  Sometimes you work separately and other times you’ll work as a group.

Is there a ranking system?

We have a very simple ranking system that we created, white, yellow, red.  We created it just to give the student a pinch of goal setting for motivation.  Everyone starts off at a white shirt ranking.  White means your a noob, yellow means you’ve got enough skill be considered average, and red means we hold you at the highest of esteem.   Also, ranking is based on 2 of the instructors observing and agreeing whether or not a student has achieved the next level.  There is no offical test given out at wcwc.

Do we need any equipment?

For the most part, the answer is no.  In the latter stages of training, if a student wishes too, they can always get butterfly swords or a pole as well as a Wing Chun dummy.  All our stuff we normally get through Raven studios.  in addition to that WCWC facilities at both locations are more than equipped with the necessary equipment needed for your training .  in the end, the only equipment you’ll ever need is just you simply in your school uniform and showing up to class.

What’s the general philosophy of how classes are taught?

I know the majority want to “just do it.”  But we have a totally different philosophy here at WCWC.  I really resented back in the days the old monkey see monkey do way of teaching, with the come back answer, just do it or this is  how it was taught to me.  to me that always showed lack of growth as well as skill.   All the instructors share the same philosophy that there’s a rhyme and reason for all that we do, and everything is explained with a common sense approach.  Finally we definitely do not run the school militaristically.  in the end, the first and probably the most important lesson you will ever learn is that it begins and always ends with YOU.  you are here because you want to be here.

Any other misc. information I might need to know?

After 3 months of training, and if the student signs up for another package, he or she can then have access to our student center (ning).  This gives you access to a vast wealth of information (VIDEOS, ARTICLES, BLOGS, TUTORIALS, ONLINE INTERACTION) everything you can imagine to further help you along with your training.

Is Windy City Wing Chun for me?

I designed this last question, to be as open and honest to the potential new student.  We spent a great amount of time making the school how we want it to be. In the end, this is US.  Neither Ken or I have the slightest desire to be the biggest or most well known martial arts school, we simply want to teach Wing Chun our way. my job in no way is to sell you on the art or the school.  We are not here to cater to everyone’s desire.  If your into rankings, tournaments and trophies, or just fighting I can save you the time and say this school isn’t for you.   If your looking for a place to get in shape and burn calories, then I suggest you sign up to Ballies or Jenny Craig.  If your thinking you can mix your previous martial arts experience with our Wing Chun, then I’ll save you the time, money, and effort and tell you those who have tried to do that, every single one of them have quit.  I am sure you will  have no difficulty finding another school that will help you blend your stuff together or mix it all up.  In the end, I’m not saying were better or worst for doing it the way we do, but this is simply how we like to do things.  Like I said, this is us.

Is there any video of how you teach?

Sure,  Simply click on the youtube button on the top, and you can see over a hundred videos of demo’s, tutorials, and actual classes.  in addition if you subscribe to our channel you can get instant updates when we post our latest videos.

I'm still not sure, about Windy City?

If you want to check out the school, just call us and see a regular class.  Normally we recommend coming to the Saturday Classes since both Ken and I are there.   While you’re there, ask as many questions as you would like and sit down as long as you want and watch how we run the class.   There is no pressure to join, we are here to teach those who willingly want to learn from us.

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